Russia; 18, April 2015: For those newly wedded couple (as well as any couple loving each other) here is a fantastic option ignited by the fun-loving mind of a lady. Using the Internet platform for inscribing the memory of their mutual love and affection eternally, the announcement made today by paves way for interested couples, to make use of this fantastic service to publish their wedding photographs, wedding date and their names inside a lock, hang it on a Love Tree online and show it perpetually for anyone and everyone, they wanted it to be shown.

It all started in Italy. The main characters of a novel “Three meters above the sky” written by Frederico Moccia hang their lock on a chain wound around a lamp post on a bridge, and threw the key into the Tiber river. By the run-away sales of this novel, the fun-tradition started 20 years ago, and caught up like wild-fire in all other countries. The newly wedded couples started to adapt this tradition of expressing their love through a locked lock, which is hung on a tree or bridge as a symbol of their eternal love and marital fidelity. The key of this wed-lock is purposely thrown into the river below.

As of now it is a contemporary and inseparable part of a wedding ceremony, for the wedded couple to buy a lock and lock it at an appropriate bridge, identified for this purpose of love and fun in many countries. The practice is in vogue, using this tradition in USA, Germany, France, Russia, Japan, China and many other countries and spreading faster. The popular rivers and bridges are used for this purpose; and in Russia special trees have been constructed in Luzhkov Bridge.

The originator of this service to the society, Internet Love Tree idea, a girl of 26 years found to her dismay the lock they had hung on Luzkov Bridge was lost, when they visited the place. It sparked in her mind to create on the Internet a separate site by name, to make it possible for global couples to buy a lock online, lock it on the tree at their site and “lose” the key as per sentimental-tradition.

The announcement made today by says that for the present, just 1 million couple will be able to buy the lock and use the Love Tree for locking their eternal love. They can install a wedding photo; enter the wedding date and their names. Alternatively they can buy a lock on renewal basis every year, whereby each year of their wedding ceremony will be reflected on the branch of the Love Tree.

Wedding ceremonies are named by tradition. The first year is Green Wedding; the 2nd is Paper and like this every year is named after, and ends up with Golden in the 60th year. Every year when they click on their lock using their identity of number or email, their lock will be shown on a separate page. This is an ideal gift for wedding anniversary of dearest and nearest, and a memorable one by the service by showing to others through social networks.

This lovelocks shopping service is available at negligible price of $4.99 and $5.99 per lock. For full details please

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