04, June 2015: Notification Reminder is a versatile app with a large potential. It is one of the best apps introduced to the Android app market to take down quick reminders and quick notes.

In the day-to-day life, there are many instances where people come across situations where they are in need of jotting down an e—mail address, telephone number Skype name etc. When such an occasion springs up, most of the individuals hunt for a paper and a pen or improvise by typing it as a message in the phone. It is not a secret that around 85% of these important notes are misplaced or deleted by accident, since they are not organized in a proper manner. Losing one such important message, contact detail or reminder might cost the dream job or even life. Notification Reminder is one such app released on the Google play store at: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bhanu.notificationreminders, to help avoid these sorts of blunders.

Adding quick reminders, reminder notifications and quick notes take just 3 seconds if one installs this exclusive user-friendly app in their phone. Besides, it has an array of advanced features such as the Snooze Reminder, Material Design, Hide status bar icon option, Icons for Notes etc. Notification Reminder also allows the user to choose whether to display Action buttons in alerts, close the app after creating a note and to choose between Persistent on going notification or Clear-able notification. In order to help millions of people around the world the app has developed to support 18 languages including international languages like French, German and Spanish, apart from English.

With Notification Reminder installed in an Android mobile phone, one can easily retrieve important information that was typed in a hurry with ultimate ease. The interfaces are so simple that even a person with minimal amount of knowledge on smartphones can operate it without any difficulty. Specially the elderly population, patients diagnosed with Alzheimer and generally everyone can be benefitted hugely from this app.

About the Developer:

Yogesh Dama is a talented independent Indian developer with a passion for innovation. Dama is passionate in developing user-friendly mobile apps that would improve the busy lifestyles of people in the 21st century and help them lead a stress free life. More details on the developer can be view at: https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/109159143459368287570/109159143459368287570/posts and https://www.facebook.com/bhanuandroidapps

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