In December, the N.C. State board of Dentists filed a petition against teeth whitening kiosks typically found in shopping malls, because the board classified teeth whitening as dentistry, saying those who perform the teeth whitening are going against state standards of dental practice and licensure and performing a procedure that only dentists should be able to provide.

Unfortunately, The Federal Trade Commission sided with the kiosk owners and barred the Dental Board from shutting them down ruling a statement that the board violated antitrust laws by trying to stifle a tough, open competition.

The board filed an appeal but judges in the U.S. Court of Appeals in the Fourth Circuit in Richmond denied the appeal, ruling in part, “We affirm the FTC’s mode of analysis and find that its conclusion that the Board’s behavior was likely to cause significant anticompetitive harms is supported by substantial evidence.”

Professional teeth whitening can cost upwards of thousands of dollars when patients visit a dentist, but often kiosks offer the procedure in as little as 30 minutes for just a few hundred dollars. Apparently, dentists see this as a threat to business (that’s already over-priced in many markets in the first place) and will do whatever they can to get these kiosks shut down.

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