28 June, 2013: Swallowtail Print, a market-leading commercial printing provider based in Norwich UK, is ensuring its services, such as leaflet printing, flyer printing and business card printing, are as environmentally-friendly and as responsible as possible. 

The award-winning company, which has been at the forefront of the printing industry for over 200 years, is actively minimising its consumption of energy and resources while, at the same time, reducing its consumption of material goods during its flyer and leaflet printing operations. 

This process has been achieved by streamlining several of its key operating systems, thereby minimising waste output as well as ensuring it is disposed of responsibly, and implementing a series of recycling measures, where appropriate. 

This green approach to its operating system has been taken up not just by Swallowtail Print’s employees, but also by its basket of clients too. 

A spokesman for the industry-leading company, which boasts unrivalled advertising knowledge and experience, said: “We are 100% committed to minimising the impact our business has upon the environment, in addition to educating our staff and clients on how they can be as green as possible too. 

“As well as being high-quality and great value for money, we want our leaflets and flyers to be as eco-friendly possible. 

“Furthermore, we will look to become even more eco-friendly in the future, by developing new processes and products which will affect all of our activities.” 

For more information on Swallowtail Print and its range of eco-friendly commercial printing services, such as its flyers and leaflets, visit the website at http://www.swallowtailprint.co.uk . Alternatively, telephone 01603 868862 to speak to an industry expert who can advise further. 

About Swallowtail Print: 

Swallowtail Print is East Anglia’s leading commercial colour printing specialist. Whether its flyer printing or business card printing, Swallowtail Print combine premium quality, efficiency and great value for money to deliver an unrivalled return on investment. 

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