(Free Press Release) Before you invest your precious time and money in any SEO company for improving your search engine ranking, checkout norank-nopay.com. The Minneapolis based SEO firm has a unique policy, which other SEO companies were so far unable to offer. The company offers a strict “pay for performance” structure which means you pay only if you get listed in top 20 or less search results for keywords of your choice.

According to Mr. Wang, the founder of the firm, “Unlike most companies that charge heavy with little or no results, we provide a more results oriented style SEO service. We charge our customer only if he gets a listing in search engines for keywords of his choice. If you do not see any results, you do not pay a penny. We do not charge any kind of registration or set up fees either. This is what makes us more reliable than any other SEO firm across the globe.”

The company, upon starting their business in 2005, realized that most SEO firms charged their customer heavily and a customer usually had to wait for a long time before starting to see any improvements in its search engine ranking. By the time, a customer could notice any good results, it had been almost a year and no company, at this point, refunded any money. In short, there was no credibility for any firm in that type of market. Norank-Nopay.Com exploits this weakness of thousands of SEO firms by offering a superior service to it‘s customers.

But is it possible for just any website to jump to the first page of reputed search engines like Google? Mr. Wang adds, “Most websites do not make it to even first 100 search results of Google, Yahoo or Bing because they lack the right technique. All search engines live by certain key principles, and to beat the rankings system, one needs to know the correct methods and technology. We have been working in this field for the past six years, and knowing the right optimization techniques, when we work for a client, results start showing up in as less as in 3 months. Within this period, we easily attain top ten results of the site for 80% of its keywords.”

With the advent of such result oriented websites, now it will be beneficial for people who had been trying their luck by investing years and usually huge sums of money in SEO firms that did not offer satisfactory service.

Norank-Nopay.com has a unique style of working as well. To start with the process of registering, anyone who has a legit website can enter his domain name and keyword of his choice on the website and get an online quote. Once a user reviews the order and submits it, the Norank-Nopay.Com team starts working on it. The website suggests technical changes such as site code modification and etc and as soon as the client achieves a desired ranking in search engine, he is billed monthly.

This unique SEO firm is known for its credibility, and believes in fare practices for optimization and marketing. “We utilize a multitude of search optimization techniques including: link building also known as " backlinks", article marketing, blog posting, social media marketing using only the best practices where applicable. Trusted community bookmarking, directory submissions, and much more also add variety to the type of backlinks the search engines will find, giving each client‘s site a more natural feel in the eyes of the search engines. NoRank-NoPay.Com is organized, disciplined, consistent and persistent in our approach to search engine optimization.” As per website‘s statement.

“We know that an outstanding online presence can do wonders for any business on the Internet. For popular keywords, top ranked websites are making millions online. For instance, there are more than 4 million monthly global searches for the word “outsourcing” in Google. Just imagine the kind of response any website will receive when it ranks among the top 10 for this particular keyword. With the right strategy, top search engine ranking, and good business, anyone can make millions online. Those who know it are doing it already.” Adds Mr. Wang

The company runs its business from Minneapolis, Minnesota while its technical team works in Beijing, China and the customer support is provided by another offshore team in Tokyo, Japan. With a multinational company structure and dream of spreading its business to many more English speaking countries, Norank-Nopay.Com is doing exceptionally well.

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