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Nominations invited for the
for the state of Jharkhand

GODFREY PHILLIPS BRAVERY to honour brave hearts of Jharkhand

Jharkhand: Godfrey Phillips India today announced the launch of its CSR initiative - Godfrey Phillips Bravery Awards for the region of Jharkhand. The Nominations are being invited in four Categories Physical Bravery, Social Act of Courage, Mind of Steel Award and the Amodini Award.
Speaking at the announcement, Mr. Harmanjit Singh, General Secretary, Godfrey Phillips Bravery, said, “The Godfrey Phillips Bravery Awards were instituted in 1990, to honor exceptional bravery exhibited by citizens. Twenty years on, the movement continues to inspire people of all ages, beliefs and origins, and celebrates the spirit of bravery.”

“To commemorate 20 years of the Award we are increasing our footprint to cover 20 states. Four states that are being added are Jharkhand,, Jammu Kashmir, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. With our two initiatives, Godfrey Phillips Bravery Awards and Amodini, we have been working to promote the values of courage and empowerment in society. We take immense pride in having honored 1,200 bravehearts and empowered 7,600 women directly through this,” he added.

Godfrey Phillips India is celebrating its 20 years of bravery this year and hence these awards have grown to encompass 4 new states, out of which one is Jharkhand. The winners and participants of the Bravery Awards are common citizens cutting across all social barriers.
Over the years the Awards have gained recognition both at the State and at the National level. The intent of the Awards is to motivate and revitalize “bravery” on various arenas of life. The efforts of Godfrey Phillips have been greatly appreciated as a laudable effort towards nation building.

GODFREY PHILLIPS BRAVERY ZONE AWARDS are presented in the following categories:

1) Physical Bravery acknowledges those persons who at great personal risk save lives or by their actions, prevent extensive damage to property. Awardees are presented medals with cash awards.
2) Acts of Social Courage acknowledges the role of persons who adopt a strong stance against social evils such as dowry, child marriage, illiteracy and environmental concerns etc. in a sustained manner. Awardees are presented medals with cash awards.
3) Mind of Steel Award recognizes people who despite limitations, physical or otherwise, perform far beyond the ordinary and push the limits of performance to new levels. It also recognizes persons who stand by their personal convictions in a social situation against all odds. The Awardees are presented a medal with cash award.
4) Amodini Award, newly instituted, honours exceptional women / organizations, who have made significant contributions towards the empowerment of economically and socially backward Indian women, and have done extensive work towards making them financially independent. The Amodini Award is a special recognition and carries a cash award also.
5) The Social Lifetime Achievement Award, which was instituted to recognize those who have selflessly spent their lives working for the betterment of society. This Award is also a special recognition, presented only at the National Level and carries a cash award.

All entries are to be attested by a gazetted officer and the short listed entries are further verified for place of the incident, in person, and finally a panel of judges selects the winners. The panel of judges comprises eminent personalities including top-rung administrative service and police officers, retired judges of the Supreme Court & High Court, renowned social workers and media personalities.

Nominations should be addressed to:
Post Box 7316
Post Office Sriniwaspuri, New Delhi - 110065


49, Community Centre, Friends Colony, New Delhi-110025
Fax: 011-26840775. Tel: 011-26832155 / 09818917218

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