Nominations continue for Indian Senior Citizen’s Award 2013 for Social Courage

Country’s first award to honor elders, 19 awards in different categories

Prizes include a medal, a shawl and cash from 21000 INR to 201000 INR.

Submit your nominations to be eligible for award as early as possible


The applications are being received continuously for Indian Senior Citizens Award for Social Courage, an award to honor the senior citizens who have completed 60 years and have been retired from their present job. Mr. Atul Malikram, President, being responsible, says, “I request the elders to send their applications as early as possible and not to wait for the last date so that they are not left behind due to any reason before due date.”

Elders can download the application forms for nomination from the website or can call at 9755020247 or send a mail to [email protected] or they can contact the city representative in their own city to obtain further information. Application forms can be obtained from our address at being responsible, EW 56, Scheme No. 94, Opp. Mayur Hospital, Ring Road, Indore. The information regarding this has been uploaded on organization’s website

Any social work performed by elders for the welfare of society makes them eligible for this prize. Most elderly people in society involve themselves in household works after retirement. They look after children and bring vegetables from market. In spite of using this time in creative acts, they become dependent on their family members socially and financially.

To involve these elderly people in creative activities and connect them to mainstream being responsible devised an award which will honor them for their contribution to society and encourage them to perform their social duties. Mr. Atul Malikram further says, “Through this award we want to inspire elderly people for their self analysis, are they giving any contribution to society? Have they been retired from their life together with their job or profession? Do they need to give direction to society once again with the same enthusiasm? We want they themselves find the answers to these questions and decide their role in future of society.”

He further says, “In this award, we have included those elderly citizens, who have completed 60 years and then got involved in various social activities. In it, we have not included those elders, who are already joined with any social campaign.”

Indian Senior Citizen’s Award 2013 for Social Courage will be organized on 1 October 2013 in New Delhi. The winners will be decided by a panel of judges after the appraisal of all nominations. Jury consists of eminent national and international personalities as members. The applications are invited for the nomination to this prize. The details regarding application process can be availed from the organization’s website.

About being responsible: 

Within a span of one year of its registration in February 2012, Being Responsible has organized 6 health camps, 2 visits to historical places, 45 birthday celebrations, Holi Milan, Dipawali Milan, 26 January and many more events. Two Senior Citizens Day Care centre run by it provide assistance to needy senior citizens by grocery, a mobile medi-care van delivers free medicines and its project helps lonely elderly people to find their suitable match.

Indian Senior Citizen’s Award for Social Courage being run by being responsible has taken the initiative to connect the inactive elderly people in society with mainstream and make them socially and financially independent.