23, February 2015: NO2 Blast Review - The advocate of men’s health product, Thuy Graham of Orlando, Florida had said during the press conference that it is indeed not impossible for men to become the super human built they have always wanted – leaner muscle mass, extreme energy and upgraded endurance. This is the main purpose why Mr. Graham appealed to the interview because He wanted to promote No2 Blast, an advanced muscle gain formula. 

During his discussions, Thuy Graham explained why men especially those who workout or athletes, should be taking No2 Blast formula. He defined, No2 Blast advanced muscle gain formula is scientifically designed to help sustain men’s natural hormone levels, preserve muscle mass, assist a strong libido and balance the body for maintained energy all throughout the day. As well, No2 Blast can be used as long term health support. It continues to raise the bar higher and higher in time as it is used regularly. 

He added, many doctors now refer to ìtongkat aliî which is an active substance in NO2 Blast pills as being “herbal HCG” or ìherbal clomidî because it forever stimulates the HTPA (regulating natural androgen levels) and in absolutely never shuts it down like steroids or HCG can. 

Of course, the speaker did not fail to point out the outstanding benefits when using No2 Blast men’s health product and the exceptional outcome each man deserves when regularly taking No2 Blast; 

* Increase protein synthesis
* Boost endurance threshold
* Cut recovery time in half
* Increase energy levels
* Increase metabolism
* Reduce body fat

Furthermore, Thuy Graham included the “how to use” portion of No2 Blast, which he said that it is very important to know by the users to avoid overdosage and side-effects;

* Should take two tablets daily with meal
* Should hydrate well before beginning to workout
* Hit the gym and prepare for the best workouts

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