This new way of enlarging your breast with breast enhancement is becoming more and more popular. You don’t need implants anymore to enlarge your breast. This works by two steps, which are fat grafting and fat transfer. As you may know the first step involves liposuction to remove fatty areas of the body. Then these fat cells are injected into the breasts to make them look fuller and larger. This type of method is now very popular and better yet many plastic surgeons consider this method the future of breast enhancement.

Woman can now enlarge their breasts without having to put some fake implants like silicone and saline implants. This method is the new and better way to enlarge your breasts. The process of fat grafting and transfer will make your breasts look way more natural. This way your breasts are going to look more lifelike and there is no risk of getting fake silicones. You won’t have to worry about harmful material breaking into your body from the implants since your enlarging your breasts by using your fat cells.

How the Process Works

It is performed by a professional cosmetic surgeon. The surgery starts with carefully harvesting high grade body fat from the patient by liposuction. Usually it is removed from areas like the thighs and the abdominal region. Then the surgeon will extract the fat to enrich the stem cell content. This is done to enhance the survival of the harvested fat cells. At the end the prepared fat cells are injected into the body and the patient will experience a huge size increase of 200-300cc in volume.

Natural Placement

The harvested fat is injected in several layers so the breast will look as natural as possible. It also proves the survival rate of the fat cells. With silicones and different implants it’s impossible but with this natural method the surgeons can improve results by adding or removing fat cells. This means that the patient will surely get the desired results.

Short Recovery Time

The recovery is a short period of time which is 48 hours. That makes this method even more attractive. You can get back to doing what you do just in a couple of days having larger breasts which look much fuller and absolutely natural. These are not the 4-6 weeks of recovery which you would go through if you were to choose augmentation with implants.


You are able to find all the information at . Read about some natural breast enhancement techniques which are now available and which are a different option from getting implants. Also you’ll find information on Autologous Fat Transfer and other breast enhancement methods.


With this method you don’t have to get implants but naturally enhance your breasts. One of the main things is that you don’t have to risk.