Turkish website IphoneCasus.com has launched MSPY, a tracking program compatible with all iPhone versions, Running 100% in invisible mode and being completely undetectable to the targeted user.

Anyone interested may purchase the “iPhone takip” or tracking program and spy software (“iphone casus yazılım” in Turkish) to remove restrictions and track iPhones without the risky jailbreaking procedure. The software can be downloaded on the mentioned website and uses iCloud login information. It allows to monitor GPS location, SMS and call history in real time, remotely. All the provided information can be viewed and monitored in the Control Panel.

The spy software can be installed remotely on the chosen iPhone. Once the device is no longer restricted, the user is free to install a plethora of third-party applications as well as email services, can block incoming calls and lock the phone remotely. Besides this, there are other important uses for the spy program, such as children activity monitoring.

Users can choose one of the three packages available: MSPN Standard, Premium and Package Mobile + PC, depending on the desired features, their needs and the sum they are willing to pay. The “iphone takip programı” or spy software in Turkish is available worldwide.

IphoneCasus.com advises on how to use phone spyware and describes it as a powerful tool that can enable staff management as well as parental control. Its uses and advantages are briefly described on the website, along with the detailed benefits for each available package.

With 24/7 customer support ensured by professionals, buyers can rest assured that their investment is protected and they will get help whenever software issues arise. The MSPY tracking program can be purchased directly on the website and is easy to set up. All installation instructions are sent by email and users can start monitoring selected devices as soon as the program is installed.

About the company

IphoneCasus.com is a Turkish website dedicated to MPSY, an iPhone-compatible program that can remotely monitor device activity and eliminate software restrictions in a method friendlier than jailbreaking.

To download the program, go to iphonecasus.com

John Mayer
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Istanbul, Turkey