(Free Pressrelease) Most SEO companies in Australia require a minimum six month contract for their search engine optimisation services. However Rank First have recently released a performance based payment system, which can suit a lot of small to medium sized businesses.

Recently a novel approach has been adopted to make SEO more affordable for small businesses in Australia. Performance based pricing is not only more affordable but also a safer investment for most businesses.

Most of the SEO companies require the client to sign a long-term contract. With any other SEO services provider, the rules are usually that the client is charged a large upfront payment and then further monthly payments, regardless of the outcome. This usually meant signing a contract of a minimum twelve month period. Due to the fact that this large up front outlay is not suitable for many businesses, performance based or month to month agreements are now available.

SEO can take some months of work before the client will see a return on their investment, and with the amount of web developers and other marketing businesses offering SEO plans that do not meet expectations, a long term contract can cause a lot of financial stress. A month to month contract allows the client to see whether the search engine optimisation work their provider is supplying is working or not. It also leaves the SEO Company with the onus to deliver results for the client to remain with them for the long term.

For big businesses, a six or twelve month investment may not be a big deal financially. But for smaller sized companies, knowing if the quality of SEO is what they expect, and seeing the improvement in the rankings during the first few months, makes the stress of waiting for top rankings much easier to bear.

Over the long term, the scenario is simple, get a good result the is expected for the client at an affordable price, and this will help create long term business relationships and quality referral business for the provider.

Month to month contracts also increase the flexibility of the agreement between the client and the SEO company. If the client starts to rank very highly for a targeted phrase and wants to change the focus of the SEO, that is possible in a month to month deal, wheras with a long term contract, the SEO company can sit back and relax, because the result is already delivered. So it takes away the need to pay for months of SEO that are often not required for a website. This is particularly true when the keywords targeted are localised or long tail keywords.

Many clients get into search engine optimisation after running Google Adwords campaigns. They get a taste of results and want to get more, so turn to SEO as the solution, which is great. A month to month contract gives them the flexibility to turn down or even pause their Adwords campaigns, once they have got the ranking they want organically, and if they want, reinvest that in further SEO efforts.

For most industries in Australia, twelve months is much longer than what is required to get a good SEO result. I think once clients have signed a twelve month contract, the provider can sit back and relax, knowing they have a year to get the rankings a client is after. This sounds unfair to the client if you ask me.

Further to this, the methods and strategies used by most SEO companies is closely guarded. When you are under pressure to get the result, it is much easier to satisfy the clients‘ curiosity if you explain the logic behind the methods you are using. Reporting becomes much more important, because clients want to see the result presented to them, so they can make an informed decision on whether they want to continue with the service or not. This result of this is almost always a happy client.

We believe our month to month SEO services is a much fairer way for people to hire an SEO company. In an industry plagued by poor service, we stand behind our ability and live or die according to our results