NEW JERSEY - Online marketing is more competitive than ever before and it is therefore, a growing concern among businesses waiting to give their brand the edge it needs to stand out. While it is easier said than done, one company which has kept its promise of delivering fast results using the latest tools in content management and design is NJ Anton. This is a website design New Jersey Company which has helped hundreds of local businesses rise to the top in their respective niches.

A fine example of the company’s merit comes from the launch of which is growing fast to become the online ‘go to’ source for information on businesses and other service providers for residents of the city. NJ Anton has worked closely with the team here to understand their needs and design a website which today, stands to be a strong testament to the fact that customer oriented marketing can bring great results.

NJ Anton used WordPress which is considered the leading content management service provider helping businesses set up websites and blogs. Using WordPress, the company has achieved higher visibility and exposure for which is a leading newspaper in the city. Also, NJ Anton being an expert website design New Jersey Company has used the ‘OldPaper’ theme to help customers associate better with the content provided on the website and have the ‘real newspaper reading experience’. This, in turn added to the popularity of the newspaper.

NJ Anton continues to help deepen its presence in the networking world through Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and so on. Using high quality content marketing, the company has designed a unique website framework for this New Jersey Newspaper which is now a guide to many customers looking for information on businesses in the area.

About NJ Anton:

NJ Anton is a premier website design New Jersey Company. The company is involved in helping clients develop a brand that is bound to become a household name. The company uses the 360 degree focus strategy to gather ammunition needed to fuel quick growth of any local business or company that is looking to obtain a higher page rank.

NJ Anton has unleashed the power of WordPress and made it a big part of its marketing strategy helping businesses like retain customer trust. To know more about the services offered here and to get in touch with the marketing team, please log onto

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