China — The high reputation online football boots shop Sports Direct Boots recently promoted their new NIKE Mercurial IX football boots. This new Nike football shoes has contained many inside meaning for the future 2014 World Cup. Now, the editor of official website of this online shop would share with people the related news and information about this newly release Nike football boots.

In November 19, people should remember that the Portugal beaten Sweden to catch the last opportunity for the 2014 World Cup. In this world’s attention match, C Ronaldo and his NIKE Mercurial IX football boot had given people a excellent experience. Nike was undoubtedly the biggest winner because of its NIKE Mercurial IX. Five goals by two captains of Portugal and Sweden were all benefit from the help of NIKE Mercurial IX. People who like C Ronaldo should be eager to have one pair of Nike Mercurial Nine like their idol. The has already introduced with the NIKE Mercurial IX which could let UK football fans enjoy the feeling like their idol before the World Cup in 2014.

However, the Nike Mercurial series of soccer shoes have been popular in football industaro more Sports Direct Boots than a decade. The new Nike Mercurial 9th which had been published in 2013 should be enhanced to a new level for their properties such as lightweight, comfortable, fast and others. This shoe should be the most suitable choice for player who is specialized in the speed and explosive playing. Mr. C Ronaldo, who is the FIFA World Player, should be the extremely successful endorsement for Nike Mercurial nine. Until the Portugal beaten Sweden to win the opportunity to enter into the World Cup in Brazil, C Ronaldo has reach 66 goals in his 55 matches in the year 2013. This achievement has fully shown the peak strength of the top football players in the world. On the other hand, this will undoubtedly add something respectful to the 9th generation of the legendary Nike Mercurial.

For the detailed of NIKE Mercurial IX, the editor from Sports Direct Boots has said the material of the upper surface of this shoe had applied the high-speed ball controlling material which could optimize friction and rapid response that should be the typically characters of Mercurial boots. The heel with the simple and soft nature could maximize comfort and performance of the players. NIKE intents to control the production volume of this super fast and comfortable shoe so the stock volume of this shoe in market is not much. Even in the official online cheap football boots seller, this shoe has also been sold to empty.

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