UK - As the approaching of the Brazil World Cup, the famous sports brand Nike recently released another cheap Nike Magista specifically for the World Cup in Madrid, Spain. As the introduction of editor from famous soccer shoes online seller, this new series of Nike soccer shoe have experienced four years of development time and it could be totally regarded as a milestone for lightweight football boots. Most of insiders said that this soccer shoe will redefine the speed performance on the football playing ground.

As the historical record, the Mercurial was first released in 1998 and it could be said that the initial version of Nike Mercurial should be the representative of unprecedented and advanced design which laid the innovative leader position in the football shoes industry. The launching of new cheap Nike Magista could be not only one sort of advanced football boots but also another very amazing leap forward. Nike President and CEO Mark Parker said at the press conference:¡± The boldly silhouette design of Nike Mercurial Superfly IV should be benefit from the using of Nike Flyknit technology. It will become the first choice of each speed-type player on the football battle field.

The driving energy of innovation designation of the Nike Mercurial Superfly IV is original from Nike¡¯s most advanced technology which is the so called Nike Flyknit technology. This is one sort of new 3D weaving technology. Through the applying of this technology, the material using between football boots and football has largely reducing thereby the ball touching sense has been greatly enhanced. At high dribble, the ball touching sense is a very critical factor. On the other hand, the dynamic fit high shoes neck has largely improve the Mercurial Superfly appearance and bring a sense of better fitting feeling.

In addition to the Nike Flyknit technology, the Nike Mercurial Superfly IV also contains other important breakthrough which is the so called Brio cables which are directly woven into the shoe and then connected to the outer end of the lock eyelet. This tendon like support has been extended to the back of people¡¯s heel so boots of Nike Mercurial Superfly IV just like slingshot which could give players more forward thrust and force . Furthermore, this new Nike shoe also adopted more flexible new full carbon fiber chassis palm that helps players get more effective reaction from the ground.

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