China - Recently, famous SOCCER SHOE ONLINE seller launched the new Nike Mercurial Superfly IV soccer boots. In the world cup warming up match between the Spain and Italy, the Spain midfielder whose name is Andres Iniesta wear this new Nike soccer boots to take part in this match. These cheap Nike Magista shoes have first time added the innovative Flyknit technology to the football field which could not only let these boots look stunning but also is full of high-tech content. Its landmark design and quality has once again attracted all admiration.

Cheap Nike Magista shoes are Nike¡¯s latest products which could be also considered as the shoe that applies the Flyknit technology at the first time. Nike Flyknit technology uses polyester yarns as the raw material, which is characterized by high performance of wear and high elastic. The lightweight woven uppers which have been produced by innovative technology could greatly reduce the overall weight of the shoe and maintain original breathability and comfort feeling.

In the earlier stage, the Flyknit technology had been only used in Nike running shoes series. This technology could better fit with the surface of people¡¯s feet which level could reach as socks. Today, Flyknit technology has been firstly used in football shoes design. That new innovation makes many famous football players become very joyful. In addition, these Nike Mercurial Superfly IV shoes also adopt the innovative dynamic fitting designation which could deeper enhance the combination of people¡¯s feet and football.

The new latest Nike Magista boots both have full of high-tech as well as cool outside designs. On the other hand, the main stream Fluorescent yellow primary color is very dazzling so that the wearer could quickly become the highlight of the stadium. For the detail of these cheap Nike Magista, these featured lines design could not only beyond fashion design but also can enhance the friction force. So, many famous football stars all love this Nike soccer shoes.

These famous football stars include the Tiago Silva, David Lewis and others. All of these super stars wear these Nike Magista to participate the World Cup football game in Brazil at this summer . These new Nike boots will greatly lead to the new wearing trend in this year¡¯s World Cup in Brazil.


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