UK - Recently, there is the news about the launching of Nike¡¯s new series of shoes with the reflective function. The website which is the famous online seller for football boots has already released the new information about Nike¡¯s new shoe and they also add these new shoes into their shopping shelf.

In order to make the shoes become more easily to be identified, Nike has designed distinctive reflective patterns on the Nike shoes series such as HyperVenom, Mercurial, Tiempo and CTR.

The appearance of each Nike series is looked very beautiful and the application of the reflective technology could make these shoes be easier to be identified. All four series Nike shoes which have been indicated before have already applied the silver reflective patterns that inspired by some kind of nature's invisible creatures.

Nike's designation director whose name is Dennis objective told us:"We want to create a visual predator pattern which indicates the designing concept of each series. We used white-based stealth design which seems a simple design at first glance. However, people could get its stealth capabilities through the closer inspection and checking."

The design of the reflective pattern on Hypervenom is inspired from the snake. This reflective area has cheap Parajumpers Jackets good visual effect under the normal light. The color of outsole of this new series of football boots is yellow and the color of Nike logo on the shoe¡¯s surface is the boldly black. Overall, this shoe should be is the first white color Hypervenom football boots.

The Mercurial Vapor IX applies the design of the leopard-like reflective pattern which is to pay tribute to this kind of speed type football boots. In order to completely reflect on the reflective function, each series of these four types Nike shoe has adopted an unique outsole color and the color of Mercurial is emerald green. The reflective region uses the reflective material that likes the material of upper leather. This principle is just like the all black Mercurial IX rather than the standard velocity control texture.

The lion-like leadership feature of the Tiempo has been well interpreted by its well designed reflective area. The color of its outsole is one kind of deep blue which is the best choice of this version of Nike shoes. The two vivid colors of the former Tiempo version are replaced by all-white and the black Tiempo mark has been printed in the heel position of this shoe.

The new Nike shoes CTR360 is the inspiration from the large number of birds. The adding for light blue color bar could let people remember the version of this shoe in 2012 European Cup. The wholly reflective areas are the blue color design and the color of the outsole is also the light blue which could give people the fresh feeling in the football playing.

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