On Friday, June 16, 2013 - Nightmare on 13th, a seasonal haunted house attraction in Salt Lake City, Utah, is opening its doors for a special Friday the 13th event featuring three newly themed houses: Swamp Blood (set in the deep swamps of Cajun Country), Delirium (filled with riddles that will question your very sanity) and Haunted Hollywood (taking you on a back lot tour of Hollywood’s most iconic horror films).

Friday the 13th at Nightmare on 13th
Friday, June 13, 2014 from 9pm — 1am MT
Tickets: $30; can be purchased at the door or prior to the event at www.nightmareon13th.com and must be printed prior to arrival. Each ticket is valid for one day only. No exchanges or refunds are permitted.

Nightmare on 13th, one of the largest and longest running haunted attractions in the United States, is held in a 36,000-square-foot warehouse and has been featured on the Travel Channel and the cover of Haunted Attraction Magazine. The house contains 45 different rooms, taking approximately 45 minutes to walk through the entire house. Additionally, Nightmare on 13th is unique because it is the only haunted attraction that has a fully animated theater show for guests to enjoy while waiting in line prior to the main house attraction. In a recent article, Travel Channel mentioned the pre-attraction show and stated, “Nightmare on 13th starts scaring guests before they even step foot in the house.”

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