The current generation of music lovers sure are lucky. Aside from the amazing beats that we are presently enjoying, there are also future contenders who continue to promise good sounds for our ears. This is proven through the esteemed Bravo's reality TV series Platinum Hit, which featured the future talents in the music industry. Among them is Nick Nittoli; 4th place finisher with an incredibly dope sense of music. A genius songwriter and producer of Italian and Trinidad descent, he has produced multiple hit songs with a wide variety of excellent performers like French Montana, The Taking, Kendra Black and Luara Melody. His latest work has included the up-and-coming FLOW LAVAH for 'Like Ur First Time'.

This here is the product of auto-tune instilled perfectly into a great R&B beat. FLOW LAVAH is absolutely brilliant in this love-making serenade that hipsters would definitely be able to appreciate. Like Ur First Time is not only fresh, its rhythm and cool sounds make for a great, upbeat and sexy song. Lyrics by FLOW LAVAH himself are spot-on and smooth; just as expected while this musical piece is completed with his commanding hip-hop flare and unique rapping. This song will definitely be perfect for those nights where you chill indoors or plainly with a company for a sexy night. It should be echoed through the radios soon enough.

As a producer himself, FLOW LAVAH can match and reply Nittoli's musical sense in the same manner. This teamwork has allowed only the best beats to be included in the song while the lyrical element is focused on thanks to the catchy phrases and FLOW LAVAH's serenading sounds. This is further proven as FLOW is the type of person to carefully consider his steps before spending quality time with someone; if the co-op play was not worth it, he wouldn't have even bothered contributing to it.

An independent recording artist and music producer, FLOW LAVAH has been in the industry for a while now to leave significant marks in the time line. He has released the Inspiration Album in 2014 through Tate Music Group, later merging with Gary Coles and Good Money Music Group. He was noticed by Moe Rock, the CEO of Now Hip Hop and FLOW is currently the Chief Evangelist for their brand and official magazine of the same name. Like Ur First Time will be released on FLOW's birthday which is November 11. Make sure to be the first to catch it.

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