China; 22, October 2016: There’s no gainsaying the fact that cigarette prices have increased tremendously all over the world. Governments throughout the world have imposed hefty taxes and surcharges on cigarette packs in order to render smoking disincentive. Apart from increasing the prices, legislative bodies in conjunction and collusion with environmental protection groups have promulgated stringent laws to discourage smoking in public places. Nevertheless, despite the introduction of such steep measures, diehard and habitual smokers can’t be dissuaded from smoking. is one site that has been engaged in the business of selling cigarettes via its website for many years now and it vends eminent brands like Newport cigarettes.

One just needs to log into the site of to have a glance at the different brands of cigarettes the portal deals in. The cigarette brands reads like a who’s who list-Lucky Strike cigarettes, Winston cigarettes, Hilton cigarettes, Parliament cigarettes, L&M cigarettes, Pall Mall cigarettes, West cigarettes, Regal cigarettes, Wildhorse cigarettes, Wave cigarettes, USA Gold cigarettes, True cigarettes, Tareyton cigarettes, Sonoma cigarettes, Pyramid cigarettes, Montclair cigarettes, and so on and so forth. Each and every cigarette brand sold by this site has been sourced from the original manufacturer which means that the quality of the cigarettes is world-class. In other words, each and every roll or stick of cigarette contains superlative class of Virginia tobacco.

So, buyers can take it for granted that they’ll be receiving the same brand of cigarette that they’ve been smoking in the past. No matter whatever brand of cigarette, the customer orders online, he can rest assured that he’ll be able to pick and choose from a variety of styles. The consignment will be delivered to his prescribed address in original packaging and in pristine condition within a few days of having received the order. Of course, the customer will be paying a price which will be much lower than what he usually pays at any brick-and-mortar shop. Additionally, he stands to get a better price for Newport cigarettes if he orders in bulk.

In other words, the greater the quantity of his order, the lesser will be the rate. For instance, take Esse cigarettes. Currently on the website, 10 styles or varieties of this brand of cigarette are being displayed-Esse Black NanoKings (mini) cigarettes, Esse Blue Super Slims 100s cigarettes, Esse Classic Super Slims 100’s cigarettes, Esse Special Gold 100s cigarettes, Esse Super Slims Menthol 100s cigarettes, and Esse Super Slims ONE 100s cigarettes. All these varieties are being sold at a price of $150.00 for 10 cartons where each carton contains 10 packs. So, there are 100 packs in 10 cartons where each pack contains 20 cigarettes and the price of every pack comes to $1.50.

About is an established site retailing prominent brands of cigarettes at moderate rates.

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