Newport Beach, - Newport Executive Center well known for its office space and executive suites in Newport
Beach has started a new tradition of announcing Tenant of the month at the end of every month. By awarding tenant of the month Newport executive center respects and honor long-term tenant for executive suites in Newport Beach and show them their love and association.

Newport executive center located at 260 Newport Center Drive, Newport beach, CA 92660 provides virtual offices and executive suites at Newport Beach.Executive suites at Newport Beach have gained high popularity in recent days due to its world class facilities at low prices.
Newport Beach executive suites have a number of small and large businesses in the form of tenants every month. Every tenant at Newport Beach executive suites is provided with special care and attention. Their services please the customer to continue their tenancy for a longer time. Newport Executive center award a tenant as the tenant of the month every month to show their love and association. The award for tenancy of the month at Newport Beach executive center was given to Gremary Gifts, a jewelry designing firm.

Mr. Gremary , CEO of Gremary Gifts said “We are more than happy being a part of this executive suites at Newport beach. The professional environment, the interior and the services are great. We never imagined such services in such great prices. We appreciate the award and look forward to continue our tenancy for a long period of time”

“The receptionist does a great job and our customers are pleased with her services. Highly equipped conference rooms provide us with our every business needs. The bathrooms, pantry and the kitchens facilities are world class as well. I recommend every business to go for executive suites at Newport Beach instead of investing in traditional office space.” Gremary added.

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Newport Executive Center is a office space and business executive space provider based in Newport Beach and Orange County. Company provides affordable office space and executive Suites in Orange County and Newport Beach. Having many year of experience and many no. of clients are associated with us.


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