Newport Beach; 28, December 2015: People who are struggling to get rid of their drug or alcohol addiction problem can now rely on the comprehensive care and clinically managed detox program offered by Newport Beach Drug Rehabilitation Center. The center designs a customized addiction treatment for every client and a dedicated case manager is assigned to look after the treatment of each client. The case manager analyzes the addiction history and its severity in order to recommend the best treatment for a person to help overcome the addiction of a banned substance.

The spokesperson of the rehabilitation center accepts that the problem of addiction is growing steadily among global populations, particularly among younger generations. This is the reason why they have a team of coordinators who are always ready to answer clients' questions. According to the spokesperson, “People, with drug or Heroin Addiction, often find it difficult to face the situation and their frustration and agony need to be handled with love, care and patience. At our center, we offer them the Detox treatment and emotional support so that they can come out of the situation.

The rehabilitation center has a network of providers who offer their help to individuals in their fight against drug addiction. An individual can Get Help and the desired solutions to start an addiction-free life. The center offers a Clinically Managed Detox Program that helps an addict to get rid of harmful chemicals present in the blood stream. The drug detoxification program cleanses the body from harmful substances, such as alcohol, heroin, cocaine, opium and other contrabands.

The Detox Center starts the Clinically Managed Detox treatment process after proper examination of the health conditions of an addict. After a thorough study of an individual case, the detoxification plan commences with adequate monitoring of the conditions of an addict, after administering doses of the synthetic medicine. The medical experts at the center thoroughly examine and track the progress of the addicts to ensure their complete treatment in a friendly and conducive environment.

About Newport Beach Drug Rehabilitation Center:

At the Newport Beach Drug Rehabilitation Center, an experienced network of providers is passionate about placing clients into the correct addiction treatment program for their needs. Clients can expect to receive comprehensive care and consistent access to a wide variety of addiction treatment services at the center. Whether someone is struggling with an addiction to alcohol or substance abuse, they have a program to treat each type of addiction. Every client will work with a case manager to design a customized addiction treatment program that addresses their substance abuse history and severity of addiction.

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