26 April, 2014: The weight conscious adults across Australia have a great thing to celebrate for when the new garcinia cambogia was launched in the market. Initially, it took a while before this supposed ‘miracle in a bottle’ hit the market in Australia. Other countries have already been introduced to this weight loss supplement many years before and have already reaped the benefits it had to offer.

The major attraction behind this new garcinia cambogia is the fact that it is free from any form of chemical. It is nothing more than the concentrated form of a fruit by the name garcinia cambogia. This fruit is also popularly known in its native countries as tamarind. The fruit is reported to have a similar shape as a pumpkin. For centuries, the natives have known the weight losing benefits of this fruit and has been used extensively for it. It is only much later that the rest of the world learnt about the existence of such a fruit.

A lot of curiosity lies around this phenomenon of a fruit. Scientists all around the world study it and try to come to a conclusion as to how people can lose weight with this. There has been very little scientific evidence that supports this fact although practical use proves otherwise. This has baffled the scientists all the more. Extensive experiments have also been performed on volunteering adults.

It has indicated that those who take the garcinia cambogia weight loss supplement have indicated a loss of up to four kilograms more than those who did not take the pill yet went on a diet anyhow. It has also proven to be effective even on people who are compulsive ping eaters. Regular intake of the new garcinia cambogia has even helped combat habits like emotional eating. Hunger bangs and ping eating. For more information please go to http://newgarcinicambogia.net.au

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