In a recent development has unveiled a new article wherein the blogger has unveiled the names of the 5 wonderful vitamins that can assist in gaining a younger looking skin. It may be claimed that almost all of the vitamins shared in the blog can be found in many fruits, vegetables and plants which we often come across in our daily lives.


According to a representative of the website the writer of the blog Angela had been contributing informative articles focused on important topics about maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. The representative added, “There are many different varieties of vitamins which are available openly around us. Most people are unable to identify them due to lack of information. But, we at cortofonino hope to act as a provider of the most significant news and information.”


He also revealed that the vitamins for healthy skin shared on the blog can be incorporated in the regular diet.


The representative reiterated, “Nowadays, more and more people are becoming more conscious about their skin and overall health. It is however very important to remember that not all of the information posted online in different websites are true or actually have positive impacts on the body. This translates to the fact that one must be very observant while collecting information from different sources.”


It can be maintained that the website has been specializing in sharing vital pieces of information regarding supplements, vitamins and fruits that can help gain a fitter and healthier body.


According to the representative, “Our bloggers and writers are well-experienced dieticians and physical experts who have wide understanding and knowledge of how to maintain a healthy body system.” He later reminded that visitors can also post replies and feedbacks of their opinion after reading the blogs. For more details go to


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