Beijing - According to the recently report from professional cell phone repair tools online seller, one Japan mobile phone accessory company has already developed a new phone spare part which name is Scentee in November 15. This new released cell phone spare part can base on people¡¯s different operating to emit different odors. From now on, this accessory will be the world's first smell transpiring device for smart phone.

Traditionally, people apply the smart phone with the using of their touch, hearing and sense of sight. However, the smell and taste sense are rarely involved in people¡¯s using of their smart phone. But, the Japan companies¡¯ effort has changed this kind of situation. The new mobile phone accessory of company has made the odors emitting become possible. If people want to experience this new smart phone accessory, the website should be their best choice.

The using or this new cell phone device is very simple. People should simply plug it into cell phone repair parts the headphone hole and then people could control its internal odor storage boxes via phone phone¡¯s operating system. After this process, people can achieve the releasing of odor. The fill odor storage boxes could release the odor about 100 times. The entire smart phone accessory has been priced at 3,480 yen which is about 36 dollars. On the other hand, the odor storage boxes have also been sold which price is 5 or 7 dollars. Currently, the market of the wholesale cell phone spare parts has great potential. On the other hand, people¡¯s consuming mind for cell phone accessory has also been deep seated.

This interesting device can be set to odor timed-releasing. However, the manufacturer also wants to develop it as the affiliated tool of communication software. For example, it can be associated with all of related functions of Facebook and Twitter. If someone points like on Fackbook, the cell phone can emit scent by this newly device. On the other hand, there are also some other applications such as the association with the GPS function. When people are driving into an area, this device can emit a specific odor.

This device should be an interesting cell phone accessory for most of enthusiastic fans for cell phone accessory. Frankly speaking, there are many other kinds of fantastic cell phone accessories on web If people want to find more fancy things, please click their website.

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