People’s Republic of China; June 5, 2014: LED or light emitting diode is the latest and the most efficient lighting technology. Ever since the invention of bulb, electrical and electronics companies have been involved in research and development to make lighting feasible from all perspectives. By far, LED is the best and the most efficient light source in the world and NewLight LED strives to make it commercially available for the masses. The manufactures and supplies various kinds of LED for variety of need and demand. Its range of products includes LED strips, LED tubelights, LED spotlights, LED bulbs, LED downlight and LED outdoor lighting equipment.

NewLight LED is one of the largest manufacturers of LED strip China. There are varieties of LED strips manufactured by the company. LED Magic Strip Light, RGBW 4-Channels 5050 LED Strip, Double Lines LED Strip and 5050 LED Strip 12/24 Voltage are the different models of LED strips manufactured by NewLight LED. The strips consume as little as 12 ampere to 24 ampere voltage and maximum 28 Watts. They are available in different colours such as blue, green and red apart from white. The strips are typically constituted of 120 lumens. However, NewLight LED can manufacture custom-strips for wholesalers who order in huge bulk.

An LED module is another kind of LED and is different from an LED strip in terms of shape, size and weight. However, the electricity consumption of both the types of LED equipment remains equivalent as both incorporate LED technology. LED modules are primarily used for display of advertisement fonts and company logos that are mounted higher than the surrounded to attract people’s attention. In conjugation with LED light control systems, LED modules can show visual effects in entertainment venues as well. It is the most preferred equipment for enterprise self image display. There are 3 varieties of LED modules manufactured by newLight LED.

The most significant benefit that LED lights offer is its applicability in regular use in offices, homes, warehouses, factories, parks and on the roads. An area with regular light can be equally illuminated by an RGB LED outdoor lighting setup but for significantly less electricity consumption. NewLight LED manufactures 2 types of RGB LED outdoor lights to meet the requirement in different types of areas. Besides, LED lights can be covered with translucent films in order to minimise or eliminate the dazzling effect. In other words, the applicability of LED lights increases manifolds as result of slight improvisations.

About NewLight LED:


NewLight LED is a Chinese company the manufactures and supplies diverse range of LED lights. It was established in 2009 and presently exports majority of its products to North America and Europe. It is located at TongSheng Industrial Park in DaLang Village of Longhua Town while the factory is situated at Sanzhuli Industrial Zone in Shenzhen.