The newest version of 3D PageFlip Professional has just been released! Version 1.5.7 of 3D PageFlip Professional has been updates with various new features.The new features in 3D PageFlip Professional include the ability to insert text to a flipbook page with various font styles and effects. There is also support to change font style, font size, font color, and font effects like the ability to bold and italicize. There is even the capability to align text as desired.

As a revolutionary new feature, the 3D PageFlip Professional also now supports the creation of 3D font and includes 28 font background filling effects and 12 font effects! These are innovative new features that make the 3D PageFlip Professional a leader in the industry for the creation of electronic publications.

Some other features and increase support that version 1.5.7 of the 3D PageFlip Professional has are support for adding multiple images as a new page in the flipbook and the ability to add two new templates (called Moving and Flexible) that make designing a flipbook with the program easier.

The 3D flipbook software has more product features than people may think based on the complexity assumed within 3D software. The 3D PageFlip Professional can be used as a text editor! Not only does this software allow users to convert PDFs to flipbooks, but it also allows users to edit text and built pages. This makes the 3D PageFlip Professional a beneficial software product for people who do not have a PDF editor installed on their computer.

With the 3D PageFlip Professional, the possibilities are endless as the app continues to evolve and be updated. There are a variety of different uses for the 3D flip book maker , and people can find the software helpful for both personal and professional purposes. The 3D PageFlip Professional software is currently available for users of Windows 7, Vista, or XP operating systems.

To learn more about the 3D PageFlip Professional, visit the company: where interested parties can view a demo of this groundbreaking new software and even purchase it.

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