Robert Vaughan’s writing career spans nearly sixty years. His latest book, released by Wolfpack Publishing, is: Cade’s Revenge. This is the second in the proposed series, The Western Adventures of Cade McCall.

Mr. Vaughan has had a storied career, having won multiple writing awards, including the Spur Award, the Lifetime Achievement Award, and being inducted into the Writers Hall of Fame of America. Although he is known primarily as a Western novelist, he has also written war stories, action and adventure, crime stories, and historical novels. He is the author of the critically acclaimed, The American Chronicles, a decade by decade account of the twentieth century, which is also available through Wolfpack Publishing.

A retired Army Warrant Officer, Vaughan served three tours of duty in Vietnam. His book, Brandywine’s War: Back in Country, draws upon those personal experiences, telling a story using the same black-humor approach to the war as did the popular M*A*S*H television series. The Valkyrie Mandate, The Quick and the Dead, and The Other Side of Memory, provide a more sober window on the Vietnam experience. These books, too, are available through Wolfpack Publishing.

For many years, Robert and his wife, Ruth, held a writing seminar at their beach home in Alabama working with scores of published and unpublished writers to sharpen their skills. He often says that he learned more from his students, than they from him. He enjoyed the camaraderie that his guests provided, and though the seminars were suspended in 2010, he still hears from many of the participants who are happy to report the news of their successes.

On his blog and on his Facebook page, Robert often shares stories from his days as a youth growing up in Sikeston, Missouri, as well as adventures he has experienced both in and out of the Army. He has actively pursued adventures, believing that the only way a writer can restock his store of ideas is through his experiences.

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