has finally moved to This new site is now the official home of WBFF New England Fitness Weekend and The WBFF Boston Championship fitness competitions to give everyone a much easier access to the upcoming competitions.

Participants have been longing for a portal that would provide them easier access on both known fitness competitions which is why they are grateful when New England Fitness Weekend moved to With the new website, everyone can now get more information or details about the WBFF Boston Championship and WBFF New England Fitness Weekend show in one convenient place.

The new website has more features and it also offers easy to use interface which would let everyone enjoy the easy and quick access on their needed information about the shows. Both New England Fitness Weekend and WBFF Boston Show have something to offer to anyone who is interested to enter the competition.

WBFF New England Fitness Weekend show date will be on the 9th of November 2013 at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium while WBFF Boston Show date will be on the 29th of June 2013 at the Chevalier Theatre.
Anyone who is interested to join on the said fitness competitions may just register at the new and official site of New England Fitness Weekend and WBFF Boston Championship which is They are now accepting participants who dare to take the challenge and get the credit they deserve.

WBFF Boston Championship and New England Fitness Weekend offer the finest in Muscle Men, Natural Bodybuilding, Figure, Diva Bikini Model, Male Fitness Model, and Diva Fitness Model to compete and earn the well-known Pro Status. The championships provide every athlete the opportunity to shine among the rest and reach their fitness goals. With the sold out audiences, nationwide production standards and exposure, this WBFF championships were created to make contestants feel like they are superstars.

Every participant in the championships will have a rewarding experience as there are a lot of prizes and opportunities to be given away. There are no losers in both WBFF New England Fitness Weekend and WBFF Boston shows. Everyone will be the winner and they can take home trophies with them as they will give anyone what they deserve during the exciting competition.

To get more information about WBFF New England Fitness Weekend and WBFF Boston Championship, visit

About: is a hub for fitness competitors interested in competing in either the WBFF New England Fitness Weekend or the WBFF Boston Championship to enter the competitions, get tips or important show updates and for those interested in watching the shows to buy tickets and learn about the competitors participating in the shows.

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