YouZign is a popular online graphic design tool created to help webmasters, social media marketers, and even small and medium business owners to take graphic design into their own hands. The tool has risen remarkably in popularity within the recent months since the release of version 2. With thousands of active accounts and avid YouZign users, many YouZign members and affiliates are sharing their experience of YouZign. A new YouZign review highlights the effectiveness of YouZign as an online graphic design tool; specifically the benefits of YouZign for creating banner ads to be used on ad networks or social media.

The recently released video review of YouZign 2 underlines the many functionalities available with YouZign. It also seeks to determine who can best benefit from using YouZign. Within the video is also revealed a special YouZign discount available with those who wish to save as much as 95% of the YouZign product fee.

Among those functionalities discussed in the YouZign video review is the drag-and-drop graphic editing provided by the online graphic design tool; this makes it easy to point and click your design to create social media graphics, motivation banners, or flyers. YouZign also features a What You See is What You Get editor system which ensures that users will be able to view how their designs look in real time as they edit. Finally, another key feature of YouZign 2.0 is the cloud accessibility which permits members to log in anywhere in the world with internet connection to access their graphics. It also permits for collaboration between multiple team members or freelancers across the world to the same account for easy contributions by different team members. Thanks to the cloud based online graphic design tool, YouZign users can give access to the designs saved on their YouZign account to whoever necessary. This cloud base software also makes it easy to use YouZign without heavy installations for a quick plug-and-play solution.

While there are many existing YouZign 2 reviews online, this new YouZign review takes a broad but comprehensive approach on reviewing YouZign asking the three key questions (1) What is YouZign? (2) Who is YouZign for? (3) How does YouZign work? The video review answers these questions in a brief two minutes monologue.

The YouZign video review created by “Tech Prime” on Youtube further details descriptions of how to use the graphic design tool, providing ideas for business owners, entrepreneurs, and social media marketers. The creatives behind the “Tech Prime” channel wanted to provide a comprehensive review of YouZign that allowed prospective buyers to understand if YouZign would be able to help them with their designing needs. As there are already many demos of YouZign available online, the channel decided to create a video to highlight the key questions that prospective YouZign members may have about using YouZign. This was carefully summarized into a two minute presentation for simplicity and succinctness.

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