Organic Superfoods Store, a provider of the most complete inventory of healthy and organic superfoods online, today adds Wheatgrass Powder to its already impressive inventory of superfoods. Said to be one of the most potently healthy superfoods, the Wheatgrass powder is also an impressive source of chlorophyll.

“It is a great source of vitamins such as vitamin B, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, Vitamin K and 90 different minerals, namely phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, potassium,” says the owner and operator of Organic Superfoods Store, a provider of organic superfoods ranging from nuts and whole grains to Wheatgrass and Spirulina.

“Wheatgrass also contains 19 amino acids and enzymes, which is noted for providing excellent protection from carcinogens like no other food and chemically neutralizes environmental pollutants,” adds the Organic Superfoods Store spokesperson.

As a powerful detoxifier, the source further notes that Wheatgrass is helps to neutralize toxic substances such as nicotine, and mercury. Among its other claims to fame is that it fights tumors without damaging other cells like medicine can.

Described as an alkaline-based food supplement that helps with the balancing of blood pH, lowering of blood pressure, and increasing Hemoglobin in blood, Wheatgrass is believed to be also a highly effective weight loss management tool.

“So effective and multi-faceted is Wheatgrass, the improvement of one’s skin and muscle tone, including the improvement of the reproductive health of both men and women, have also been attributed,” notes the spokesperson.

Noting that their organic wheatgrass is grown without use of pesticides, fungicides and herbicides, which increases the plant’s mineral take-up, and USDA certified, the source says their new Wheatgrass Powder is the most organic whole leaf superfood ever.

“Packed with potent antioxidant power and an energy booster , the Wheatgrass Powder comes ready to use, and can be mixed with any beverage to make it taste better and to add the health and nutrition benefits. One glass of Wheatgrass powder is all you need to meet your daily quota of fruits and vegetables,” said the source.

The nutritional benefits of Wheatgrass are well established. Following is a list of health and nutritional benefits users get from the superfood Wheatgrass:

- Strengthens the immune system
- Detoxifies your body
- Increases energy naturally
- Balances acidic pH levels
- Contains all the essential amino acids and enzymes
- Helps repair damaged cells

According to the Organic Superfood Store spokesperson, the use of Wheatgrass Powder was designed to make its users “feel better, look better, and live longer because you’ve treated yourself to healthy, organic superfoods as a part of your diet.”

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