, a new website recently launched will now start providing genuine elo boosting for players of League of Legends. The site is known for its affordable price and according to reports there have been no registration of bad transaction till now. With a secured server, it is known for its trustworthy services and efficient customer support.

There are cases when website promises boosters at a price and users purchase it only to find out that they have been duped. This can happen to anyone who are not careful in checking whether the site is genuine or a scam. Estimates show that there are many such sites operating online to cheat users off their money. Sometimes, it can contain malicious file that can steal user’s personal information from their PC. However, it can be easily avoided if players only buy boosters from renowned and popular sites that have reviews from other customers. Cheapeloboosting has been confirmed as 100 percent legitimate by users who have purchased boosters from the site. Also, users need not worry because the site accepts payment after completion of each boost. With a Riot’s verified email system, user’s accounts are safe and assured with swift profession to the desired rank.

The website is equipped with an SSL so that player’s information including password are encrypted and protected from hackers. The site allows chat with boosters, however, it is recommended that users create a smurf and then chat through the game client. For smartphone users, the Lolchatapp is available for download but it should be turned on while offline or in game for better performance. To avoid ban risk, users are advised to strictly follow the rules and regulation provided by the website. For any inquiries or orders, customers can contact the site at their official livechat, Skype, or through email. To get more details please go to

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This website provides elo boosting at an affordable price. The site is genuine, trustworthy and provides total security.

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