Indianapolis, INDIANA May 22, 2012 The website was recently launched to make it easier for beginner bloggers to launch their WordPress blog site. Provided with free premium plug-ins and themes the new website is designed with the convenience of non-technical savvy people in mind. “I always believe that ordinary people have a lot to share to the world, blogging gives them the channel to do this. Unfortunately, setting up of a web site is too complex for people who are not familiar with the latest in technology. This site is guaranteed to shorten the learning curve,” creator Ben Cox explains. “I have personally handpicked and bought developer licenses for what I think are the best and most useful themes and plugins available on WordPress to keep it simple but extremely helpful for my site‘s users. If a new blogger spends less time in the setup and installation of their sites, then they would have more time and confidence to develop its contents,” Cox adds.

Cox‘ years of extensive experience in the web design industry has given him the insight to understand the barriers facing new webmasters and the expertise to help them get over the technical hump. “I always thought that having a website requires technical know-how and a pocket lined with thousands of dollars. I can‘t be more wrong; setup-my-wordpress helped me launch my website without the confusing instructions of WordPress tutorials and the hassles of dealing with a web designer. What‘s more I have full control over my website. It‘s incredible,” President and webmaster of Certified Consulting Group Nathan Bazzle shares.

The free WordPress setup service provides complete and detailed instructions on how to setup and install a blog site. It also comes with a wide selection of themes and plug-ins that would suit different applications from simple text dominated blogs to photo or video-rich materials.

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