April 30, 2015
For those interested in learning more about the legal psychoactive plant Kratom  (or Mitragyna Speciosa), what it does, its effects, and where to buy it, look no further than www.kratomiq.com. Although the plant, which is related to the coffee family, is gaining popularity it is still relatively unknown, giving rise for a need in valuable informational resources such as Kratom IQ.

Offering visitors a quick start guide, instructions on how to use it, what it feels like, and where to buy it, kratomiq.com has quickly gained traction as a highly valuable resource for those wanting to understand the full picture of this fascinating compound. The website also offers reviews on various Kratom strains as well as vendors, including Happy Hippo Herbals.

Effects of Kratom include intense, surging warmth throughout the body, increased confidence and energy, and overall positivity. The effects can be pronounced and life changing for some, but for others the effects can also be subtle. Experiences vary among users, but the plant is relatively safe, legal in most States and can have an uplifting, positive impact on people’s lives.

Utilized for centuries in Eastern medicine, the natural, leafy plant of Southeast Asia has spread west as its popularity has grown throughout the years. Today, it is popular among those seeking to reduce chronic pain, those looking to avoid prescription medications and those weaning themselves off of hardcore drugs.

Those wishing to learn more should visit www.kratomiq.com and take part in the website’s growing community if further questions are required.

[Daniel Recardo, [email protected]]

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