Finally the new music video by Eduard Romanyuta “Get Real With My Heart” has been released. You have an opportunity to watch and estimate it right now on the official VEVO ( and YouTube ( channels of the singer.

Immediately after its release, the new video has caused a great stir in the music world. It attracted attention not only of the fans of the singer, but also of the music lovers from different countries. Viewers from the USA, where the video was filmed, took Eduard for their own star, which proves the talent of the singer and high quality of his work.

Let us remind you that the filming of the music video “Get Real With My Heart” took place in Los Angeles, at “Hollywood World” studio, directed by Christian Ray. The director of this work was Dale S. Lewis. A special atmosphere in the video was created by a team of talented hip-hoppers and fiery Teresa. The setting was the ocean coast and crowded streets of Los Angeles. Eduard and his team looked so natural there and worked so amazingly, that they even got the applauses from accidental passers-by.

The song “Get Real With My Heart” was written by Swedish authors Emanuel Olsson and Winston Sela specially for Eurovision National Selection — 2013 and has already gained love of the audience from Ukraine and Europe. You can hear it on all the popular European youth radio stations.

The new video is likely to become as much viewed and loved by the audience, as the earlier works of Eduard. His previous video has gathered more than 3 million views on YouTube and the work “Invincible” has been viewed by people over 140 thousand times within the last month the official VEVO channel of the musician.

Be among the first to view and estimate the new work of the young star. Watch Eduard’s video “Get Real With My Heart” right now on the official VEVO and YouTube channels of the singer.

About the artist:

Eduard Romanyuta is a young star of Ukrainian stage, a laureate of numerous national and international music contests, a finalist of National Eurovision Selections. His songs gain unparalleled popularity in Ukraine, CIS and Europe, collect countless awards and get to TOP lines in music charts. Music videos of the artist are viewed on YouTube millions of times. Considering the first reactions of the audience, Eduard’s new work “Get Real With My Heart” will undoubtedly reach and surpass these achievements.