Today, running a criminal background check on someone is essential if you want to insure the safety of yourself, your family, and your business. Running a background check used to be expensive and exclusively the domain of detectives and police departments, but not any longer. Now, private citizens and small business owners can run fast, thorough, criminal background or records checks by visiting .

National research shows that criminals will often repeat their crimes, and common sense and the law of averages says that you will likely come in contact with people of questionable backgrounds regularly in the course of your daily activities. The fact of the matter is that you never know when a person you are doing business with, or have hired, may have a criminal background. Simply put, a person’s criminal history, or lack of a criminal history, is not readily apparent. Unless you run a check, you just don’t know.

Small businesses are especially at risk of being victims of crime, and having the ability to run a background check on potential employees, vendors, or sub-contractors, is a definite plus. In the past, getting access to this kind of information on a person was nearly impossible, or the cost was prohibitive. Now, however, it is fairly easy to run this kind of free background check at When you have concerns about someone you do not know in business or personally, you can run a quick background check to see if they have any history of criminal activity. Finding a person has a criminal past is important, but finding out they have no red flags in their past is just as important.

So how do you run this type of search? Simple, when you visit the website you will find information on how to begin doing a criminal background check in almost any location nationwide, to include California, Florida, and Texas, some of the more complicated locations to run these types of checks. The states just mentioned are complex places to run criminal checks on people because of the multitude of overlapping jurisdictions located in these states. Even with that being the case, you can quickly run a check on any state at

There are several types of checks you can initiate at the website. One of the best features of the website is the easy to follow written instructions on how to start running the specific type of background check in the exact location you need searched. For instance, do you need a criminal background check completed in North Carolina, or do you need a criminal background check done in Pennsylvania? Or, do you need one done in both locations. In addition to the written guidance you will find on the site, there is a video tour of the criminal background check service that is available. Basically, the website if a great place to begin a search for the background of any individual you need information on quickly.

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