(Free Press Release) For a non-medical solution to thin hair, instant hair fibers such as Toppikâ„¢ are seen as a viable solution to minor hair loss.

Niagara Falls, ON - October 06, 2010 -- A new thinning hair loss treatment, for treating minor hair loss, is found with instant hair fibers. This adds to the many solutions, from Rogaineâ„¢ and Minoxidilâ„¢, to hair restoration in the form of hair transplants by one of the many cosmetic surgeons around the country.

For some, whose hair loss is not dramatic, and who want to utilize a non-medical treatment method, there are now keratin protein-based hair fibers that one can just sprinkle on the thinning portion of the hair. This will cosmetically hide, or blend in the areas, so that the area of thin hair is much less noticeable, yet still maintain a natural look.

This is not a paint, spray, or cream that colors the scalp, but is made of natural, non-toxic keratin protein fiber, which binds directly to your existing hair, appearing to form a layer of hair above the scalp.

The fibers stay in place by static electricity and usually hold even in windy or rainy environments. There is also a fiber holding spray available for those needing the extra hold. Instant hair fibers are natural and safe to use, and can also be used in conjunction with hair growth solutions. Thin-Hair.org ( http://www.Thin-Hair.org ) is a great starting point for those interested in researching keratin protein-based hair fiber preparations.

The hair fibers come in a variety of colors so that one can match them as close as possible to their own hair color. One simply sprinkles them on prior to heading out the door. Later, the fibers can be easily removed by simply washing the hair.

Some degree of hair loss is normal for everyone, but the percentage of those losing a greater amount of hair increases with age. With the many solutions to hair loss now available, the use of fibers to cosmetically reduce the appearance of thinning areas of hair on the head is definitely gaining in popularity. It has been reported by CBS News that Prince William has a hair thinning problem, and has also used a cosmetic hair fiber solution on occasion.

According to Ben Jones, V.P. of Marketing and Sales for JonesHairCare.com( http://www.JonesHairCare.com ), "The various brands of Instant Hair Fibers are one of the faster growing segments in our hair loss solutions line of products."

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