According to a new survey that has been published, it's understood that over 30% of businesses have chosen to purchase Facebook likes for their Facebook pages at some point or another. Whilst the survey published by Rifthunter was not comprehensive, it did look over 5,000 different Facebook pages and came to the conclusion that a large amount of businesses are now choosing to invest in genuine Facebook likes in a bid to grow their social media channels.

The survey identified that the biggest offenders were those in the Internet Marketing and Website Development industry. Over 13% of all pages identified as having purchased likes and followers belonged to the Internet Marketing, SEO and Website Development category. The remaining percentages were varied and relatively equal. With that said, it now appears that more and more businesses are choosing to expand their social media reach through unconventional methods, as opposed to spending money on advertising.

Speaking, John Doe, CEO of Buy Likes Online said, "We have noticed a tremendous increase in the amount of orders we have received. If we look back over the past year, our number of clients have risen quite dramatically in comparison to previous years. We can only attribute this to Facebook changing. Over the past 3-years, Facebook have implemented numerous changes which make growing a Facebook page naturally, much harder."

Facebook have implemented several changes over the course of 3-years which have negatively impacted Facebook pages. The most notable change occurred last year, when they changed the way that new posts appear. Videos appear to more followers than link-based posts do. This alone makes growing Facebook pages much harder. Time will only tell whether the trend of purchasing Facebook likes is set to continue.

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