Orlando, FL — May 12, 2015 — Cardiac problems are considered to be fatal, and many of those who are suffering from them are doing their best to manage their conditions. Even individuals who are not suffering from arthritis are resorting to remedies and lifestyle changes to reduce their risk for the condition. However, it seems that there are more things that people should know about this ailment.

A new study found that rheumatoid arthritis patients are prone to having cardiac problems one year after diagnosis. This is something that RA patients should be mindful about. It was found that the incidents of heart attacks increased soon after diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis.

According to the Journal of Internal Medicine, heart attack risk has increased among individuals who were diagnosed as having rheumatoid arthritis. The risk has increased one year after the diagnosis.

Marie Holmqvist, M.D., PhD,  from Karolinska University Hospital’s Department of Medicine, has stated that patients who suffered from longstanding disease were more susceptible to myocardial infarction. However, it was surprising that the risk came so early.

The study conducted by the Swedish researchers analyzed the cardiac health of 7,469 rheumatoid arthritis patients. The group was compared to the 37,000 individuals who did not suffer from the condition. They found that the risk for heart attack increased by 60 percent within one to four years after RA diagnosis. It was also found that there were individuals who experienced other forms of heart disease risk increase by 50 percent.

Dr. Holmqvist stressed the importance of careful risk assessment after the RA diagnosis. She added that the risk was even more prevalent in individuals who experienced RA symptoms and were aggressively treated for it. Rheumatologists should not just focus on the longstanding disease, but also the heart disease risk of RA patients.

Heart problems can result in life-threatening conditions. This is why experts suggest that patients take greater care of themselves after RA diagnosis. There are many programs and treatments that can significantly help them reduce their risk for heart problems or heart attacks.

Having arthritis is already challenging, and certain commodities are making the lives of patients even more difficult. Patients usually suffer from pain and other discomforts that hinder them from living a happy and active life.

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