05, July 2016: We are proud to announce the opening of our brand new store in Hempstead. This prime location is the premiere UK showroom to preview TPB’s cutting-edge worktop with integrated induction elements! Here you can discover the fresh Danish designs ideal to complement your home and inspire you to find your perfect, tailor-made kitchen.

We welcome our customers to the bespoke, Scandinavian heritage designs with open arms — from the classic to the contemporary. Whichever you prefer, our aim is for the result to be timeless. At the new Hempstead showroom, you will see on display the burnished brass worktops and the first ever worktop with integrated induction elements! This top-of-the-range, innovative technology lets you cook directly on your worktop instead of a hob. Visit for a demonstration now.

At Sola Kitchens, if you crave the clean lines and a functional look to make the most out of your cooking experience, we believe that both a traditional and modern kitchen concept doesn’t have to be void of personality. We ensure that each one matches our ethos of “reliability, solid craftsmanship and durability”. We are here to help your culinary creations abound under the Northern Lights of your own Scandinavian kitchen.

Stop by and take a tour of our new Hempstead showroom, conveniently located on Heath Street, not too far from Hampstead’s underground station. For more ideas on how to add an inventive touch and style synonymous with Nordic interiors, check out what we can offer you today.

For Media Contact:
Mark Leach
1 Albion Court, Albion Place,
Hammersmith, London, W6 0QT
020 3750 0788
[email protected]