Skyline Solar Limited, solar panel suppliers in the UK , have recently announced a new portable solar power solution in the form of a generator. This is welcome news to businesses who are being impacted by soaring energy bills.

Skyline Solar’s Solarator is a photovoltaic solar panels energy generator that has been designed specifically for use by those working out of the reach of the UK’s electricity sources. It’s ideal for use in industries such as agriculture, construction, by the emergency services or for military personnel. Outdoor event organisers will find this provides a green energy solution for festivals, remote weddings and parties. It can be towed by any vehicle on its two-wheel trailer. Once it’s on site, it just has to be unfolded to start capturing solar energy and can be used in the most remote locations.

Businesses are increasing their interest in solar energy production of all types due to increasing overheads. With all energy bills having doubled since 2004, commercial enterprises are at the forefront of the struggle to keep up with payments. They need to continue to make a profit although some businesses need to pay £10,000 per month and more for their electric bills. Even the average domestic energy bill is now £1,252. This has encouraged more businesses to explore what PV solar panels can provide and they’ve been in for a pleasant surprise.

Skyline Solar Limited who are solar panel suppliers in the south east have reported increased interest in the installation of panels for commercial businesses. To complement their offerings, they have developed this new portable generator that provides energy using PV solar panels anytime and anywhere.

There are three main attractions to green energy creation for businesses. Not only can they enjoy the advantages of having a reputation for being a green company, but they can also reduce their energy bills and increase the value of the business by securing a second income through the sale of surplus energy.

Businesses are usually open between 9.00 and 5.00 when the majority of sunlight occurs, this means that they can limit their draw on the national grid as they source power from their own reserves.

With these business advantages, it’s looking likely that there is going to be a sharp increase in businesses who install photovoltaic solar panels to decrease their overheads and generate another income.

It’s looking like the Britain’s businesses are finally able to enjoy some positive news when it comes to the financial challenges that increasing energy bills are creating.

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