With technology becoming less expensive, it’s possible for anybody to start making music on their computer and learning how to sing without spending an arm and a leg. In the past, a recording studio might take up an entire room with equipment, but today all it takes is a normal computer. This has opened up the doors to many of today’s top musicians. Even Justin Bieber started out by recording his own videos on Youtube before being discovered and getting a record deal. Most musicians are doing it for themselves these days, they no longer need to sell their soul or beg for studio time.

The Team Responsible for AudioDaddy

AudioDaddy is the brainchild of two lifelong musicians named Mykel and Norbz. Based out of Toronto, Canada, Norbz has been creating and producing music for long enough to know what it takes to get a perfect sound out of just about anyone. When Norbz isn’t helping new musicians to learn the ropes, he can be found in his studio singing, rapping, and making sick beats. Mykel and Norbz first worked together over a decade ago, until reuniting to create the AudioDaddy software in recent months.

Traditional Ways To Learn To Sing

Back in the day (and still to this day) if you wanted to learn to sing you would have to sign up for signing lessons, either group or private ones, and dedicate yourself to investing a lot of money and time. It’s not like that anymore because now singers can get a copy of AudioDaddy and teach themselves to sing using this revolutionary software at their own pace. AudioDaddy allows students to go as quickly or as slowly as they want to, and to focus on the exact areas that matter most. If they want to learn to rap, why waste time learning to sign high pitches? If they want to sing, why teach them how to spit bars?

Does AudioDaddy live up to the hype?

AudioDaddy has been a long time in the making; you could even say it’s been a lifetime in the making. Mykel and Norbz have poured their collective souls into crafting a stellar experience for anyone who wants to learn to rap, learn to sing, learn how to find a beat, learn how to eliminate breath sounds, how to sing higher or lower, and a lot more.

Can Experienced Musicians Use AudioDaddy?

Everyone has room to improve their music, and that’s why AudioDaddy is great for complete beginners as well as musicians who are looking to take their music to the next level. Even the world’s most famous singers still use vocal coaches, and AudioDaddy is like a personal vocal coach who’s always there.

Where to Learn More & Download AudioDaddy

Musicians and future-musicians can visit the AudioDaddy homepage here to learn more about what this package includes, and how it can help to improve their music or get them started from scratch as well.

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