Westminster, MD — Venture into any gym in America and you’ll find people with the best physiques use primarily free weights—barbells and dumbbells. Similarly, the recent resurgence of century-old kettlebell training, coupled with the rise of CrossFitâ„¢, is further witness that lifting heavy objects is still the best way to gain muscle and fitness. So why do so many gyms, health clubs and fitness centers contain legions of exercise machines, dedicated to singular tasks such as chest, shoulder and leg presses, curls, and chest flys? Owners of these businesses relate that most members are relative beginners, individuals wanting a guided workout, or those intimidated or unsure of the proper use of free weights. Thus the rapid growth in the past decade of machine-dominated chains such as Planet Fitness®.

However, almost all gyms and fitness centers have at least one Smith Machine, an exercise device born over a half-century ago by fitness pioneer Jack Lalanne, which allows for the use of many exercises within a safe, guided environment. In “The Complete Smith Machine: Exercises & Workouts”, Craig Cecil provides the definitive guide to the proper and effective use of this machine, covering over 85 Smith Machine exercises, and taking the reader on an educational journey through the weight training world, from strength training and bodybuilding, to circuit training and Tabata training for a leaner, stronger and healthier body.

The author relates his purpose in writing the book. “I wanted to create a guide that would introduce and transition the beginning weight trainer, someone who may be unsure, intimidated, or even afraid of being embarrassed with the initial use of free weights, into the more effective world of free weight training. The Smith Machine, with its inherent guided movement and safety, is the perfect tool to provide this transition. It not only builds muscle, it builds confidence and familiarity to venture onto the barbells and dumbbells. And that’s the real lesson here.”

The second half of the book is dedicated to hundreds of strength training, bodybuilding, and circuit training workouts, for the beginner to the most advanced trainers, gradually building the reader’s knowledge of basic weight training concepts and techniques. The 400-page book also includes over 100 photos of correct form for all Smith Machine exercises, as well as detailed instructions for strength training, bodybuilding, circuit training, Tabata training, weak point correction, and injury rehab and recovery.

“The Complete Smith Machine: Exercises & Workouts”

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About the Author

Craig Cecil is the author of “Supermen: Building Maximum Muscle for a Lifetime”, and “Bodybuilding: From Heavy Duty to SuperSlow”. Craig has been involved in sports and the science of exercise since his days of high school athletics in baseball, through his collegiate career in NCAA Track & Field, to his devotion to weightlifting and bodybuilding pursuits over the past 20 years. During that time, Craig has trained with professional athletes, as well as multitudes of dedicated, ordinary individuals just wanting to build lean, muscular body weight. Craig is a member of the National Strength & Conditioning Association and holds an MBA from Loyola University of Maryland.

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