Brisbane, QLD – Australian based software company Aktura Technology have today released their latest service to the public. Silver Siphon is a brand new software service which aims to save both headaches and hours of data manipulation each month.

Users of two enormously popular online products Stripe and Xero, in the past have had no other choice than to spend large amounts of time moving data from one system into the other. Instead, Silver Siphon sits in the middle, moving transactional data between the two services automatically to free up time for their users, who are usually entrepreneurs with already limited time.

One of the company directors, James Rose said that “We were setting up a payment system for one of our clients and needed Stripe data imported as a normal bank account inside Xero. When we realised this wasn’t possible at the time, a bit of research made it obvious that many businesses were looking for exactly this solution. After implementing a solution for our client, it only made sense to release it to other small businesses.”

Silver Siphon has just concluded an extensive testing and beta program, during which 30+ clients ran their financials through the service and making sure it was ready for public use. According to one tester “It’s by far the best product of its type that I’ve seen, and was simple to integrate.” So far over 100,000 transactions have been moved from Stripe to Xero.

Aktura Technology plans to expand their user base and add several features to Silver Siphon over the coming weeks to make reconciling transactions easier.

About Aktura Technology: AkturaTech is a software and web development company based in Brisbane, Australia. Operating since late 2010, they have developed several private and public pieces of software. Their first public product, Chimp Rewriter, is used by over 20,000 people.

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