After months of planning and preparation, a new website has been created by Ash Pembroke : — . It is dedicated to specific activities people can try to boost their self esteem.

The site is still in its infancy, however, there is informative content being added continuously, starting with the most important concepts to understand what causes and influences low self esteem.

Ash Pembroke is certainly no stranger to experiencing low self esteem, understanding the debilitating affects it can have on one's outlook of life.

“When your vision is tainted by negativity it is hard to see out and judge what is the right path to help yourself. Life can get so muddled up at times, it is easy to accept the fate of what life throws at us in getting through each day. But there is a way out, even when someone has suffered low self esteem seemingly all of their lives. It is all about gaining an understanding of the issue, changing thoughts and ultimately breaking those vicious cycles. Best of all, you don't have to do it alone!”

Despite how far the human race has come in evolutionary terms, there are a lot of people who have low self esteem. Self esteem and having confidence are not subjects being taught at school, but vital for a healthy mindset one wellbeing. For some, finding the right balance that makes a person grow, is a never ending quest and often surrounded by an air of mystery.

Good books are excellent to learn from — a list of which is being compiled — but by their static nature, they don't provide direct and personal encouragement. Hence the reasoning behind setting up a website where readers can stay up to date, connecting with each other in real time. Positive language, encouragement and mutual support is the vision for the community of this website, as is personal empowerment.

Ash is keen to connect with her readers, therefore comments are allowed to be posted on both and this dedicated Facebook page

A newsletter series is also planned to be created in the foreseeable future to share news, as will practical guides and training courses.

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