In recent years the art of body modification has exploded into the mainstream, transforming the once fringe-based practice of getting a tattoo into an accepted every-day occurrence.

Although many people are now certain that they want to get themselves a tattoo, there is often a lot less certainty to be found when it comes to deciding on exactly what form that tattoo should take. Tattoo removal has come on a long way in recent years too, but it can also be very expensive and so it is wise to find an impressive design before you first introduce needle to skin.

This is where the recently re-launched believe they can offer a valuable service to those who are looking to proudly display their own unique piece of body-art. Offering a wide selection of designs ranging from the simple to the intricately detailed, have created an unrivaled database of original tattoo designs that can be easily recreated by any skilled tattoo artist. offer an eclectic range of design options, but specialize in orientally styled creations. ‘The beauty inherent in oriental tattoo design has long been apparent to people from all across the world, and we are proud to provide a reliable resource to those who may not be familiar with myths and languages of the far east, in order to help them find an appropriate design for their tattoo,’ said Sushan Koirala, CEO of

‘Ultimately we aim to become one of the best tattoo design ideas websites on the web,’ continues Koirala, ‘and so we recognized the need to expand our website to feature every aspect of modern tattoo design, and that is what we now believe we have accomplished.’

ABOUT: is a highly respected tattoo design ideas website, offering a huge selection of unique tattoo designs for the public to browse and compare.

Cognizant of the growing popularity in body modification, CEO, Sushan Koirala was keen to create a comprehensive database of original and unique tattoo designs that could be easily replicated the world over by any skilled tattoo artist.

Based in Nepal specialize in offering a trustworthy selection of the highly popular eastern/oriental designs, that can often be mistranslated when left upto western designers to create.

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