China - Recently, there are many rumors about the newly Apple iPhone6 ​​which have already been involved with many heart and mind from the iPhone6 fans. Within recent weeks, most of these fans must have seen too many renderings about iPhone6 ​​. However, these released design styles are not only out of thin air and most of them have been drawn from the exposure parameters based on the real iPhone6. Beside the drawing photo of the iPhone6 phone, there are also the released photo of the newly iPhone6 cases cover. Now, please carefully read this news from the blog of Mobile Mates Limited which is the famous online seller for iPhone 6 cases cover and iPhone6 cases cover.

During these recent days, Martin Hajek has already released a new set of iPhone6 ​​real machine diagram on online platform NoWhereElse and the phone in the photo has been putted on the high end silicone iPhone 5s accessories . Although people cannot identify whether the screen designation of iPhone6 on the pictures screen is 4.7 inches or 5.7 inches, the screen of iPhone6 is obviously bigger than the previous iPhone5s smart phone. By the viewing of the cases cover, people could see that this new smart phone uses the more and more narrow border while retaining the Home key with fingerprint recognition capabilities.

Frankly speaking, the relatively large changing for the new iPhone6 should be that the key placing on the border of Apple iPhone6 ​​has very big adjustment especially the power button which has been former located on top of the fuselage has now being moved to the right side of the phone body. On the other hand, the system interface of this new phone retains the style icon of iOS7 now but the system has been impressively added the health applications which name is HealthBook . This application should be very good choice for the people whose age is very old.

It is also reported that the new Apple iPhone6 ​​will applied the sapphire glass panel and there will be greater FHD display. Furthermore, this new phone should be be also equipped with A8 processor and the camera of it will be further improved and the core of this phone carries the iOS8 operating system.

Each iPhone6 fans who has already read this news will be very excited about the power functions of this famous brand smart phone and its beautiful and high quality cases cover. If people really have interesting about these iPhone6 accessories, please do not hesitate to visit website of Mobile Mates Limited.


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