(Free Press Release) Pulse Energy launches world‘s most comprehensive efficiency software platform to serve a utility‘s entire commercial customer base.

Vancouver B.C. May 14 2012 Pulse Energy, a leading energy information software provider, has unveiled the Pulseâ„¢ Platform: a suite of cloud based software and services to help utilities advance cost-effective energy efficiency and boost customer satisfaction.

The announcement was made in Vancouver by Pulse Energy co-founder and chief executive David Helliwell. “The new Pulse Platform allows utilities to easily and reliably meet conservation goals and engage their commercial customers, with customized energy intelligence for each market segment.”

Pulse Energy has built on years of utility program experience to offer an integrated solution for behavioral and operational change. The capabilities are founded on the Pulseâ„¢ Analytics engine, a set of adaptive energy models that provide measurement and verification, actionable insights and tips, savings persistence and consumption forecasting.

Pulse Energy was recently included in the list of "Cool Vendors" in the Cool Vendors in Green IT and Sustainability, 2012 report by Gartner, Inc.1 According to Simon Mingay, VP Research, Gartner and Stephen Stokes, VP Distinguished Analyst, Gartner, “Energy management is increasingly being complemented by a greater level of analytics and insight, which is delivering ´energy intelligence‘ and is also seeking to optimize real-time supply and demand dynamics, as well as energy optimization within production systems. Enterprises will increasingly need to exploit this technology.”

The Pulse Platform enables program-level rollup reporting and a seamless experience for customers to migrate to more advanced features. The needs of diverse market segments are met through four energy management modules, with an API allowing utilities to build custom applications.

The specialized modules within the Platform include:
- Pulseâ„¢ Check, a light-touch energy portal for utilities to reach their small- and medium-sized commercial customers. It leverages the Pulse Analytics engine to directly meet the needs of business owners, by automatically identifying cost-saving opportunities without user training, and pushing insight and suggestions to ratepayers.

- Pulse™ Energy Manger, a proven energy management solution designed for advanced retrocommissioning projects. "Our Power Smart Continuous Optimization Program has greatly benefited from working with Pulse Energy, especially the innovative Pulse Energy Manager,” said Jim Nelson, Senior Marketing Manager at BC Hydro. "We believe that helping our customers better understand and manage their energy usage is a critical component to our conservation efforts."

- Pulseâ„¢ Engagement Dashboard, which raises occupant and community awareness of conservation issues, from classroom competitions to city-wide campaigns.

- Pulseâ„¢ Utility Program Manager, which allows utility staff to identify candidate sites for efficiency measures and conservation programs, while continuously tracking program results and performing measurement and verification.

To learn more about the Pulse Platform or request a brochure, please visit www.pulseenergy.com/platform.

About Pulse Energy:
Pulse Energy helps utilities to easily advance cost-effective energy efficiency, boost customer satisfaction and meet regulated conservation targets. This is achieved through the Pulseâ„¢ Platform: a scalable software solution for commercial clients that delivers insights on energy consumption, engages occupants, and accurately measures and verifies energy performance. www.pulseenergy.com

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