New desk chair includes Lumbar Infrared Heat for pain relief.

New Desk Chair Featuring Lumbar Infrared Heat

New Lenox, Il, 11/7/2015 — New product release from Miracle Alternatives, LLC. Miracle Alternatives, LLC is now selling a pain relief, pain treatment desk chair. The chair features Lumbar Infrared Heat which not only offers pain relief, treats discomfort but because it works on infrared light technology it can also heal the source of the pain.

The chair is manufactured by Therasage. Therasage manufactures several infrared heating pads and pain relief devices. The name of the chair is the Elite Perfect Chair. The chair also offers two options. One is a infrared pain relief foot rest and also an optional lithium battery.

Learn more about the Elite Perfect Chair; TheraDesign Elite Perfect Chair featuring Lumbar Infrared Heat.

Until now, there has not been a mesh back office chair that has captured the markets attention as this one has. TheraDesignâ„¢ Elite Perfect Office Task Chair offers the advantage of a contoured breathable mesh back featuring Lumbar Infrared Heat combined with contouring padded memory foam seat for all day relief of painful pressure points that may develop from sitting for long periods.

Each TheraDesignâ„¢ Elite Perfect Office Task Chair comes with a time and temperature controller, back angle and seat adjustments and a gas lift for smooth positioning, plus the therapeutic benefits of our unique patented Far Infrared Heat Technology and Negative Ions - TheraFusionâ„¢.

Features and Benefits of the TheraDesignâ„¢ Elite Perfect Office Task Chair include:
Patented Far Infrared Heat and Negative Ion Therapy
Increases blood circulation
Reduces stress and fatigue
Ergonomic feature
Contouring memory foam helps prevent painful pressure points
Handcrafted workmanship
TheraWeave Fabric Seat with built in Far Infrared Heat in Black
Mesh Back for Cool Comfort and breathability
Ergonomic Design
Special Far InfraRed Integrated Technology

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