Facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Parker Velargo of The New Orleans Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery, now offers a simple, non-surgical solution for infant ear deformities

New Orleans, LA — May 28, 2015
Dr. Parker Velargo, a fellowship trained facial plastic surgeon and co-founder of The New Orleans Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery, is proud to announce that his practice is now offering the Correction of Infant Ear Deformities with the Ear Well System. Dr. Velargo is the only doctor in New Orleans and only the second doctor in the state of Louisiana to offer this procedure.

The Ear Well system is a non-surgical and painless procedure that corrects most infant ear deformities. The system permanently reshapes the ear during the narrow time window when circulating maternal estrogens remain at high levels in the child. Best results for this procedure are achieved when Ear Well therapy is initiative during the first three weeks of the child’s life. The Ear Well corrects over 90% of newborn ear deformities within a 4-6 week course of therapy.

The Ear Well procedure is recommended by Dr. Velargo as studies have shown that ear deformities can negatively impact a child’s physical and emotional development. Children with facial abnormalities can suffer bullying and peer hazing and as a result of this can often exhibit low self-esteem, anxiety, and emotional withdrawal.

Dr. Velargo is proud to offer this procedure to parents and children of New Orleans, LA and welcomes all to call his practice and schedule a consultation if your newborn’s ears appear deformed or misshapen. Upon examination if the ears are sufficiently deformed, Dr. Velargo will apply the Ear Well device to permanently correct any ear deformity.

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