In the current economical climate it isn‘t difficult to understand why few Electrical Supplies UK or Irish electrical wholesalers are not reporting increased Sales revenue, but one electrical product supplier based in Northern Ireland is bucking that trend, and it‘s all down to “breaking the mould of the traditional Electrical Wholesaler UK says company spokesman Noel Tracey; “For years the electrical supply chain in the UK & Ireland consisted of the factory that makes the electrical products, then selling their lines to at least one agent, then the agent(s) then sells said products on to an electrical wholesaler, who in turn sells to the electrician”. aim to become the number one supplier of electrical products on the web by being the lowest cost route from the factory to the end user Mr Tracey said. “In simple terms, we‘re cutting out the middle men; we buy our electrical supplies direct from the factory, store it all from one multi-facility warehouse and sell it all on the web. In the process we cut out the fees of all the middle-men as well as the cost of having sales representatives & vehicles on the road, we then pass the savings on to our customers it‘s a simple model but very lucrative”.

The service isn‘t restricted to electrical contractors or electricians said Tracey, much of the business has generated has been from householders buying “bits & bobs” of electrical supplies.

“We always intended having the service open & available to the general public but have been surprised how much of the business has come from the general public buying anything from decorative wiring accessories to outdoor lights and televisions” said Tracey, “obviously we value the repeat business from the electricians & contractors which is why we have Quantity price-breaks as well as bonus structures for consistent ordering of our electrical supplies” is offer a wide range of electrical products, ranging from Switches sockets, Wiring Accessories a huge lighting range to televisions and laptops. They also have a clearance section which offers some staggeringly great pricings.